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Having Guests? Be Creative!

Clever idea: how to make heart-shaped eggs

Having some guests at breakfast and you want to surprise them , then heart-shaped boiled eggs will be a fantastic idea!


Clever idea: use upside-down muffic pan to make cookie bowls

Turn muffin pan upside down, bake cookie-dough over the top and you will have  cookie bowls for fruit, ice-cream or custard.

Useful House-hold tips!


Taking out time to polish the furniture might not be that easy and affordable, so how about disguising the scratches to make the wooden furniture look neat and free of scrapes.

Take Care of Wooden Furniture:

Simply rub walnut over the scratches on the wooden furniture, and it will give it a new look!

Clever ideas: use a walnut to heal furniture scratches


Label your cords!

So many electric cords often make it hard to distinguish –  ‘which is which’! So how about using tags to make labels for the cords?

Clever idea: bread tags as cable labels

I wonder why i never thought of this before!





Make Your life Easy with these Storage Ideas


Sometimes storing and organizing house-hold stuff gets a lot difficult. Of course no one wants a messy house, and an well organized things not only our precious save time in finding things when we need them but it also makes the house look neat and our lives comfortable.  While surfing the net, I found some interesting and worth sharing ideas on dailybuzz, that can surely help us make our life a lot easy.


Storing Bed Linen: Does it takes too much time in finding the bedlinen sets? If yes, then have no worry, just store bedlinen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there will be no more hunting through piles for a match!

Clever ideas: store bedlinen sets inside their pillowcases

Store Plastic Bags:

Cleaver ideas: wet wipe dispenser as plastic bag storage

Have you ever thought of re-use a wet-wipes container or a tissue box for storing plastic bags? If not, then give it a try!

Store Gift-wraps:

Clever ideas: gift wrap storage on cupboard ceiling

We can use wire to make a space to store gift wrap rolls against the ceiling, rather than cluttering up the floor. It will be very easy to get a gift-wrap whenever  needed and will also save cupboard space.

Storing Spray Bottles:

Spray bottle often take so much space in the cabinet, which can be otherwise used for housing other kitchen items. Below is an interesting and space-saving idea!

Clever idea: use a tension rod to hang spray bottlesVia:

Just install a tension rod to hang your spray bottles under the kitchen sink. and you can place other stuff under it.

if you find more ideas send them in your comments.

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

by Heidi Grant Halvorson


Why have you been so successful in reaching some of your goals, but not others? If you aren’t sure, you are far from alone in your confusion. It turns out that even brilliant, highly accomplished people are pretty lousy when it comes to understanding why they succeed or fail. The intuitive answer — that you are born predisposed to certain talents and lacking in others — is really just one small piece of the puzzle. In fact, decades of research on achievement suggests that successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do.

1. Get specific. When you set yourself a goal, try to be as specific as possible. “Lose 5 pounds” is a better goal than “lose some weight,” because it gives you a clear idea of what success looks like. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve keeps you motivated until you get there. Also, think about the specific actions that need to be taken to reach your goal. Just promising you’ll “eat less” or “sleep more” is too vague — be clear and precise. “I’ll be in bed by 10pm on weeknights” leaves no room for doubt about what you need to do, and whether or not you’ve actually done it.

2. Seize the moment to act on your goals.
Given how busy most of us are, and how many goals we are juggling at once, it’s not surprising that we routinely miss opportunities to act on a goal because we simply fail to notice them. Did you really have no time to work out today? No chance at any point to return that phone call? Achieving your goal means grabbing hold of these opportunities before they slip through your fingers.

To seize the moment, decide when and where you will take each action you want to take, in advance. Again, be as specific as possible (e.g., “If it’s Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I’ll work out for 30 minutes before work.”) Studies show that this kind of planning will help your brain to detect and seize the opportunity when it arises, increasing your chances of success by roughly 300%.

3. Know exactly how far you have left to go. Achieving any goal also requires honest and regular monitoring of your progress — if not by others, then by you yourself. If you don’t know how well you are doing, you can’t adjust your behavior or your strategies accordingly. Check your progress frequently — weekly, or even daily, depending on the goal.

4. Be a realistic optimist.
When you are setting a goal, by all means engage in lots of positive thinking about how likely you are to achieve it. Believing in your ability to succeed is enormously helpful for creating and sustaining your motivation. But whatever you do, don’t underestimate how difficult it will be to reach your goal. Most goals worth achieving require time, planning, effort, and persistence. Studies show that thinking things will come to you easily and effortlessly leaves you ill-prepared for the journey ahead, and significantly increases the odds of failure.

5. Focus on getting better, rather than being good.
Believing you have the ability to reach your goals is important, but so is believing you can get the ability. Many of us believe that our intelligence, our personality, and our physical aptitudes are fixed — that no matter what we do, we won’t improve. As a result, we focus on goals that are all about proving ourselves, rather than developing and acquiring new skills.

Fortunately, decades of research suggest that the belief in fixed ability is completely wrong — abilities of all kinds are profoundly malleable. Embracing the fact that you can change will allow you to make better choices, and reach your fullest potential. People whose goals are about getting better, rather than being good, take difficulty in stride, and appreciate the journey as much as the destination.

6. Have grit.
Grit is a willingness to commit to long-term goals, and to persist in the face of difficulty. Studies show that gritty people obtain more education in their lifetime, and earn higher college GPAs. Grit predicts which cadets will stick out their first grueling year at West Point. In fact, grit even predicts which round contestants will make it to at the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

The good news is, if you aren’t particularly gritty now, there is something you can do about it. People who lack grit more often than not believe that they just don’t have the innate abilities successful people have. If that describes your own thinking …. well, there’s no way to put this nicely: you are wrong. As I mentioned earlier, effort, planning, persistence, and good strategies are what it really takes to succeed. Embracing this knowledge will not only help you see yourself and your goals more accurately, but also do wonders for your grit.

7. Build your willpower muscle. Your self-control “muscle” is just like the other muscles in your body — when it doesn’t get much exercise, it becomes weaker over time. But when you give it regular workouts by putting it to good use, it will grow stronger and stronger, and better able to help you successfully reach your goals.

To build willpower, take on a challenge that requires you to do something you’d honestly rather not do. Give up high-fat snacks, do 100 sit-ups a day, stand up straight when you catch yourself slouching, try to learn a new skill. When you find yourself wanting to give in, give up, or just not bother — don’t. Start with just one activity, and make a plan for how you will deal with troubles when they occur (“If I have a craving for a snack, I will eat one piece of fresh or three pieces of dried fruit.”) It will be hard in the beginning, but it will get easier, and that’s the whole point. As your strength grows, you can take on more challenges and step-up your self-control workout.

8. Don’t tempt fate. No matter how strong your willpower muscle becomes, it’s important to always respect the fact that it is limited, and if you overtax it you will temporarily run out of steam. Don’t try to take on two challenging tasks at once, if you can help it (like quitting smoking and dieting at the same time). And don’t put yourself in harm’s way — many people are overly-confident in their ability to resist temptation, and as a result they put themselves in situations where temptations abound. Successful people know not to make reaching a goal harder than it already is.

9. Focus on what you will do, not what you won’t do. Do you want to successfully lose weight, quit smoking, or put a lid on your bad temper? Then plan how you will replace bad habits with good ones, rather than focusing only on the bad habits themselves. Research on thought suppression (e.g., “Don’t think about white bears!”) has shown that trying to avoid a thought makes it even more active in your mind. The same holds true when it comes to behavior — by trying not to engage in a bad habit, our habits get strengthened rather than broken.
If you want change your ways, ask yourself, What will I do instead? For example, if you are trying to gain control of your temper and stop flying off the handle, you might make a plan like “If I am starting to feel angry, then I will take three deep breaths to calm down.” By using deep breathing as a replacement for giving in to your anger, your bad habit will get worn away over time until it disappears completely.

It is my hope that, after reading about the nine things successful people do differently, you have gained some insight into all the things you have been doing right all along. Even more important, I hope are able to identify the mistakes that have derailed you, and use that knowledge to your advantage from now on. Remember, you don’t need to become a different person to become a more successful one. It’s never what you are, but what you do.

Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. is a motivational psychologist, and author of the new book Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals (Hudson Street Press, 2011). She is also an expert blogger on motivation and leadership for Fast Company and Psychology Today. Her personal blog, The Science of Success, can be found at Follow her on Twitter @hghalvorson

>Is your Mobile Phone Revealing your Personality?



 When buying a latest mobile phone keep it in mind that which ever mobile brand you choose it will portray your personality.

According to a recent research mobile phones can suggest about its user’s personality. David Chalke, a social analyst, says that a person’s mobile phone can give us an insight into mobile users’ attitudes towards their “work, rest and play.” Most personality attributes differed between owners of mobile phone brands.
  • iPhone Users: “The iPhone users thinks computers give them control over their lives. They love entertaining at home, but wouldn’t be caught dead in the garden. ‘iPhone is the Alfa Romeo”. They are mostly living in the world of their own. They love plaving virtual games instead of outoor sports. They try to have an app for everything. You name it and they have a mobile application for it in their iPhone. Be it a newspaper or a game or social networking site. These are mostly rich people but not as business minded or professionals as BlackBerry users are.
  • Sony Ericsson mobile users like a full social life and are fond of fast food. They like music and enjoy it to the fullest. They are mostly found 3 in 8 people. Its Walkman series are alot common here.
  • LG mobile users are predominantly women aged 14 to 24 are unlikely to be pay TV subscribers and admit they are not very mechanically minded.
  • BlackBerry Users: Blackberry mobile users are high-earners aged 35 to 49, they are email-loving and are more likely than other mobile phone users to have entertained friends and relatives in the past three months, are regular movie goers, video gamers and newspaper readers. These are mostly professionals and want to have things organized.
  • Nokia mobile users are unlikely to be aged 14 to 24 and less likely to have played arcade video games in the past three months, “Nokia is the security blanket,” says David Chalke. Majority of Pakistanis have Nokia mobile phones. Nokia mobile phones are owned by rich and low-income earners – the only differnce is the model of their mobile phone. The rich would be holding a Nokia N8, a teenager from a middle class would be having a Nokia Xpress Music while the poor would have Nokia 3010 or similar. People who do not afford costly mobile phones would buy Nokia C1 or C2.
  • Samsung mobile users mostly have interest in arts and creativity. Samsung mobile users tend to be conservative dressers over 50. “Samsung is the Daihatsu.” Samsung devotees tend to be conservative dressers, aged over 50, who avoid air travel and don’t like taking risks. They are not that rich to buy an iPhone but ant to be a part of ‘fun club’. Samsung mobilee offers its users almost every feature that they want in a llow price as compared to iPhone and BlackBerry. Samsung mobile has everything that a teenager is fond of and that too at an affordable price. Mostly girls and ladies of the middle income household are seen with Samsung mobile phone while boys prefer Sony Ericsson or Nokia mobile.

Mobile Phone: More of a Communicative Device – Samia Adnan

Some thirty or forty years back we never even imagine that we will always be carrying handheld devices like mobile phones with us and that Internet will become indispensable.
With the advent of mobile phones there were only a few people who got hands on mobile phones and we used to consider that the mobile users are belonging to elite class of the society or that they are busy bourgeois class business people or doctors etc.
My Butcher Keeps a Mobile Phone! At that time, there was no concept that household ladies, children and a layman who owns a grocery shop or a butcher would be carrying a mobile phone, but now by the passage of time everything has changed. Mobile phone has now become a necessity instead of a status symbol (except for a few big mobile brands like BlackBerry and iPhone etc.)
The World has 5.28 Billion Mobile Phone Users: According to UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU): “At the beginning of the year 2000 there were only 500 million mobile subscriptions globally and 250 million Internet users.” The estimated number of Internet users had reached 2.08 billion by the end of 2010, compared to 1.86 billion a year earlier. The estimated number of mobile phone subscriptions worldwide had reached 5.28 billion at the end of the last year, compared to 4.66 billion at the end of 2009. There are 6.9 billion people in the world, and 5.28 billion mobile phone subscriptions. Whether its a person living in urban areas or rural areas, almost everyone is using a mobile phone which is easily available at different prices offering various features and types to choose from.
Developing Mobile Industry: Mobile phone industry has flourished and developed so rapidly that almost daily a new mobile phone is being announced or launched. Mobile applications have become so common now whereas there was no concept of mobile applications a few years back. Almost every mobile makers is trying to introduce an app store. New technologies are being introduced every now and then that it makes one wonder that what is next is going to be added in a mobile phone? Calculator, stop-watch, calender, etc have become an essential part of a mobile phone. From an audio player to radio and from video player to camera, WAP to Wi-Fi and now the 3G technology.
One Device – Numerous Uses: A Mobile phone has replaced our wallet and bank, it has even replaced our desktop computer. Not to forget mobile games – which has become a source of fun for many, who find it hard to play physical sports and games. Even a TV and a torch light has also made its place in mobile phones! People has stopped wearing wrist watches because their mobile phone can not only tell them the time but they can also set alarm on them. Thus, an alarm clock that was commonly found on the bedside has been replaced by a mobile phone set. Mobile phone is so essential that without it – its hard to locate any one at a crowded place. Thus, to make it short, one can perform plenty of tasks with a mobile phone that we had ever imagined before it was introduced to everyone. Lets wait and see what the future brings to the mobile phone or if any other device is going to take its place?
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Written by Samia Adnan

>How non-technical Housewives can Earn from Internet? – Samia Adnan



In this era of sky-rocketing prices of everything and inflation, many ladies want to earn while being at home as they do not want to go out for work as either they have to look after their kids or family at home or they are simply not allowed by their in-laws to do any job.
Let’s see how they can earn money and thus supporting their family while being at home, by just using the internet:
Freelance Writing: Educated ladies can start writing online as freelance writer, they can not only write for various websites and blogs but also contribute their writings to magazines and newspapers of their interest that pay for the articles and feature stories. They can compose or ask any one at home who can compose for them and e-mail their writings to the newspapers, magazines and websites. Just to give you an idea, a 500 word blog is paid at Rs. 200 to Rs. 800, depending on the type and quality of content. You can read some online books and materials about writing such as: Housewives and other work at home people wishing to add an extra income stream can visit and reserve seats to get a chance to be included in the Jan 30th session. Also check out WorldPL’s page on Facebook: is another good website to learn the skill of getting freelance work. You should check out for freelance writing, such as odesk, and web content writing jobs on and other job portal websites or in your newspapers and apply for the one that says ‘work from home’.  If you are good at translating articles and also proof reading then you can try that too, as many companies hire freelancers to proof read and translate various types of writing. There are many that you can try!
Do Business from Home: If you are good at designing dresses, stitching or embroidery etc then you can start your business right away – make an online shop on, or create a Facebook page. Alternatively, if you know some of web development, you can have your own website for the purpose. Upload the images of your dresses along with their prices and mention the sizes of dresses and your contact number so that people can place their orders. You can even ask anyone to do this for you if you. You can even sell your paintings and crafts etc. too via
Teach online: If you are good at teaching you can provide tuition via internet. All you need to do is to make a webpage/blog or even Facebook page and a youtube account. Record and upload lectures and send the recorded lectures to those online students who pay you in advance for your lectures. is an example of this! They can also ask someone at home to assist you in recording and uploading the lectures online for you. So grab your mic and start teaching online!
Start Cooking: Yes! Ladies if you are good at cooking and love working in the kitchen then you can try preparing food at home and earn money. People can order you via your website, blog, e-mail address or simply by calling. Some ladies are doing this type of work on the internet – they have prepared a weekly menu and they provide food on order. We have Sadia as an example in Pakistan, who wanted to take the hobby of cooking as a profession and with the support of her husband & kids, she started Sadia’s Kitchen. Her love for food and passion to learn & cook new recipes brought her into the kitchen business If you can not manage a blog or get a website you can simply make a page on Facebook – which is free of cost and easy to use! Almost every modern lady is on Facebook these days! You can also see Sadia’s Kitchen Facebook page: for more ideas!
You can also watch these informative episodes of ‘Ghar Ka Kharch’ on CNBC Pakistan:
·         Make Money Online in Pakistan – Part 1 of 2
 ·         Make Money Online in Pakistan – Part 2 of 2
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Working Online From Home
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>Transition of Playgrounds to Videogames – Samia Adnan



 A healthy mind resides in a healthy body but it seems that today’s children, youth and parents are ignoring this fact. No doubt the advancement in the field of science and technology has helped us in many ways – but its excessive use has deprived many of sound physical health.
People prefer the use of machines and modern gadgets over physical activities and sports. Less physical activity, especially sports and games that children used to play decades ago, gives less assurance of healthy mind and body.
Video Games Taking over Physical Activities: Pakistani children and youth have become chubby and lazy, as compared to what they used be before the advent of video games and Internet. Children have been captivated by these video games like Taken, Civilization, Call of Duty, Need For Speed, Sims, Prince of Persia, Black and also social networking games such as FarmVille, CityVille, Business World, etc that they hardly think to go out for a walk or play physical games and healthy sports. There was a time children used to play games like khoo khoo, chor sipahi, pakan pakrai, hide and seek, sack race, badminton, tennis, hockey etc but now a days we see them playing various games on mobile phones, world wide web  and video games on PC and gadgets like GameBoy, Atari, Nintendo and PlayStation etc. Playing grounds have become deserted and net cafes have become populated with the youth playing games online. Youth is addited to these online and video games and they are glued to them. A study says that a child should spend at least two hours for any physical activity, especially playing – which will result in their physical and mental strength. There are several reasons for video games to replace playgrounds.
Parents feel Relaxed: One of which is that  now a days parents feel relaxed when their children are busy in playing games as they know where their child is and what they are doing, but there are ignorant of the adverse impact of these games on their child’s health.
Parents are Too Busy: When I ask a lady the reason for letting her little son studying in class 1 playing games on computer – she said that it keeps him busy and he do not bother her when she is doing her work and also she do not have to run after him or to worry about him, as if he plays out doors she has to keep an eye on him and make sure that he do not get injured or get wounded while playing. She told me that its difficult for her to take her kids to parks or playing grounds – as its not safe to take kids out side due to security problems and also because she do not have time as she has to do her household chores and her husband comes late at night.
Pre-occupied Weekends: Weekends too keep parents occupied – that only 2% of families go out with their kids to parks and play grounds. Children too have assignments and tests to prepare during the weekends.
Lack of Space: Many schools are in the residential areas – therefore they do not have enough space for play grounds and so are children’s house – as now a days most of the people do not afford big houses to have playing ground..
Poor Condition of the Playing grounds: The terrible condition of playing grounds and parks also play a part in distracting youth and parents from out door games. Many of the play grounds have become a place for drug-sellers and criminals. Many grounds replaced by garbage areas – the trash of the entire neighbourhood is disposed into the playing grounds and the authorities pay no deed to it. Broken swings too have become common in the public parks.

>Laptop Vs Mobile Phone for School Girls, which is better? Samia Adnan



Many of the students are using mobile phones and some insist in having a laptop too, so should they have both or any one of these gadgets but which one of the two is better for them?

The school going girls are not mentally matured, thus they are more attracted and inclined towards the social evils and immoral activities. They do not like taking guidance from their elders and like to undergo different experiences themselves.

Mobile Phones Can Easily Get Un-noticed: They can easily take their mobile phones with them at school and tuition centres – unnoticed by their parents. They should only own a mobile phone when they get really mature enough to use them properly. I think girls should not be allowed to have a mobile phone until they reach to 14 grade (Graduation).

School have Strictly Prohibited Mobile Phones: Almost all the schools in Pakistan have implemented policies that prohibit using mobile phones in school. They even rusticate those girls who are found with the mobile phone. Many girls bring their SIM card instead of a mobile phone and they use their SIM on a mobile phone brought by one of their classmates. Therefore, school administration and parents should make sure that the girls do not have a SIM card with them – they should check them and their belongings (books, school bag, hair bands, water-bottle, lunch box etc.). Now many of you might be thinking that how their daughters and sisters can contact home if they are away – simple – they can make a call with the permission of their school administration via school’s landline number. Many girls use the mobile phones in washrooms.

SMS/MMS: Many school students are addicted to the SMS service . Some also send their pictures via SMS to the opposite gender – especially when they have made friends in co-ed schools and tuition academies. According to a survey the most text messages are sent by teenagers. Texting can also have adverse affects on one’s health.

Wastage of Time: The students waste their valuable time in sending and reading text messages, playing mobile games, use mobile applications – instead of wasting that time in their studies. Mobile Cellular companies are also introducing ‘Youth Packages’ and SMS-bundles offers to promote their business and indirectly spoiling the youngsters. The students are seen messaging and calling late nights as they have subscribed to these packages. Parents should make sure that their children have a mobile phone and if they have then make them use post-pay package so that parents can monitor on their daughters.

Use of Laptop for doing the School Homework: Laptop is a better for school girls as they can compose their assignments and search for the materials for their assignments from the internet. Not only this, they can have a record of their assignments in their laptop. The laptop will also help them in making PowerPoint slides to aid them in their classroom presentations.

Observe School-going Children when they Use their Laptop: Laptop is better for school going girls because – if they do not have a mobile phone they would not be able to give their mobile phone numbers to boys and strangers – is it that simpel? No! they can communicate via internet too. It is the duty of the parents that they observe their activities on the internet and disallow them to make accounts on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, MSN Live Spaces, Hi5, Friendster and Orkut etc. School going girls (boys too) should not be allowed use on the Instant Messengers and visit websites with Chat feature and web-messengers. As many school students trick their parents and even school staff by using web-messengers – as they can be used without being installed on the system. Parents should make sure that the girls do not upload their photographs on any website or given their contact details or information, as some girls join different discussion forums too. Parents and school Computer Lab Dept should install programs like NetNanny and Spector Pro etc. in the computers, to keep a check on the and restrict their activities by blocking some websites that are not fit for them – including Social Networking websites and YouTube etc.

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Outcomes of Predictive Text Messaging



The latest mobile phones are featuring built-in dictionary enabling them to predict what word a mobile user wants to type from only a few key presses, which some times end up suggesting funny results, often creating misunderstandings.
Those mobile users who use predictive texting on their mobile phones, can end up typing funny messages and sometimes have to face embarrassment due to miscommunication caused by predictive text messaging and mistyping of words on T9 mobile phones. Take the example of a mother who was taking her children to meet Santa Claus one Christmas, but ended up typing to her friend: ‘Taking the kids to see Satan’. According to a research conducted in 2009, predictive text messaging changes the way children’s brain works and make them more likely to make mistakes. Scientists said the system trains young people to be fast but inaccurate, which makes them prone to impulsive and thoughtless behavior in everyday life. Predictive texting makes people sloppy when it comes to spelling, with many flummoxed by words such as questionnaire, accommodate and definitely. To some predictive texting can also create severe situations like broken relationships due to a mistyped word or wrong spelling in text messages.However, for most mobile phone users, predictive texting is a source of convenience, and considerable amusement.


Are You Abiding by Mobile Phone Etiquette?

 Many of us consider mobile phones as life savers, but rude mobile phone users are the thorns in our sides. Private conversations, arguments, details about how a meeting went, or intimate knowledge of what’s in a stranger’s refrigerator at home are all things that all eavesdroppers can do.
What is needed to be done is that we should follow some etiquette when using a mobile phone, after all, most people who are annoying don’t realize that they’re annoying everyone around. Some people have got so fed up with rude mobile phone users that they turned to illegal mobile phone jammers. These devices knock mobile phone users off their lines and prevent a reconnection with the mobile tower until the user wanders out of range. The rate at which jammers are selling speaks to the lack of manners among the mobile phone users.
What are Mobile Phone Manners, After all? Mobile phone etiquette involves following some simple guidelines of common courtesy when using a mobile phone in public, designed to make public places more enjoyable for all. Its just a matter of being considerate of others, which pays off for everyone!
Do not forget to abide by when using a mobile phone:
1. Keep a 10-feet (3 meter) distance between you and anyone else whenever you talk to someone on your mobile phone. No exceptions.
2. Don’t Talk too loudly: Generally you don’t have to shout in the microphone to be heard on the other end.
3. Don’t Multi-task: Don’t make calls while driving, shopping, in banks, waiting in line, or doing pretty much anything that involves interacting with other human beings.
4. Don’t Talk in Any Enclosed Spaces: Even if you’re more than 10 feet away from anyone. Others can still hear you talking on your mobile phone (because it’s an enclosed space) and usually, they’re forced to just sit there and listen. Especially, do not make or attend calls when you are in bathrooms, elevators, waiting rooms, auditoriums and public transports.
5. Places Where to Turn-Off Mobile Ring-tone: Don’t even let your mobile phone ring in any of the following settings; Job interviews, Meetings, Libraries, Museums, Worship places, School, During Lectures, Courtrooms, During live performances, Funerals, Weddings, in Cinema halls, at Work Place etc.
6. Don’t Use Mobile During Meals: :Don’t use your mobile phone when having a meal with someone. Ideally, you should turn it off entirely. If you’re anticipating an important call, let the person you’re with, know beforehand that you’re expecting a call that you’ll need to take. No matter what, don’t hold a conversation at the table; step away, follow Step 1, and don’t stay away any longer than you would for a bathroom break. Never, ever text at the table, even if the conversation died down.
7. No Mobile Phone When at Movies: Turn off your mobile phone at the movie theater. Even if your mobile phone is on vibrate mode, people can hear it during quiet parts of the movie. And even if they can’t, the light from your mobile phone’s screen is very distracting. Don’t check the time, don’t check your text messages; just turn it off until the movie is over. Mobile Phones should be turned off in movie theaters, playhouses, observatories or any other public place that creates an atmosphere to transport the imagination of the audience. People pay good money to be entertained and a ringer breaks the illusion.
8. Practice Texting: When you’re in an enclosed space, or you can’t put yourself 10 feet out of everyone’s way, it’s inappropriate to talk but it’s acceptable to receive and send text messages. In such cases, keep the following rules of texting etiquette in mind; Use the vibrate feature instead of an audible text alert. Only text when you’re standing still or sitting out of anyone’s way. Don’t text while you walk or drive. Don’t text while doing anything that requires you to be attentive. A good example would be while waiting at an intersection for the pedestrian signal. Don’t text in a meeting or conference when you should be attentive to the guest speaker.

Don’t draw conclusions until you know all the facts


>One old man was sitting with his 25 years old son in the train.

Train is about to leave the station.

All passengers are settling down their seat.

As train started young man was filled with lot of joy and curiosity.

He was sitting on the window side.

He went out one hand and feeling the passing air. He shouted, “Papa see all trees are going behind”.
Old man smile and admired son feelings.

Beside the young man one couple was sitting and listening all the conversion between father and son.

They were little awkward with the attitude of 25 years old man behaving like a small child.

Suddenly young man again shouted, “Papa see the pond and animals. Clouds are moving with train”.

Couple was watching the young man in embarrassingly.
Now its start raining and some of water drops touches the young man’s hand.

He filled with joy and he closed the eyes.
He shouted again,” Papa it’s raining, water is touching me, see papa”.

Couple couldn’t help themselves and ask the old man.
“Why don’t you visit the Doctor and get treatment for your son.”

Old man said,

” Yes, We are coming from the hospital as Today only my son got his eye sight for first time in his life”.

Moral: “Don’t draw conclusions until you know all the facts”.

Perfect Purse for your personality


Some of us underestimate the power of the purse. I do not mean this in the economic or the financial sense. What I meant to say is that most of us women consider the purse as something to hold whatever items we need to carry with us whenever we go out.

But the thing is, beyond being a container for our lipstick, our car keys, wallet, and all those things we could not possibly survive a trip outside our houses without, a purse is a fashion accessory, and a powerful one at that too. A purse underscores your look and highlights the curves of the body. We may not realize it, but whoever looks at us most likely gets his or her eyes drawn first to the purse we are carrying. Therefore, a purse can build your look up or demolish it entirely.

Thankfully, finding the perfect purse that will flatter the body is not as hard as we thought it is. The key to finding the perfect purse is proportion: you should always match your purse with the size and shape of your body. The general rule is that large bags go with large bodies, while small bags go with small bodies.

If you are short and slim in build, you should pick a bag that is small and holds close to the body. Never get a big purse because it will drown you and make you appear lost beside it.

If you are the type that is tall and thin, a medium-sized bag will work best for you. In choosing a shoulder bag, though, pick something that fits nice and close under your arm and against your waist. Bags like that will create the illusion of curves on your lean body and will draw the eyes to your face.

Ladies with big hips will want to draw the eyes to the face and away from their lower bodies as well. The kind of bags that will do that trick for them are shoulder bags that hang just above the hips.

On the other hand, ladies with top-heavy figures will want to draw attention to their legs instead of to their upper bodies. Messenger bags, bags that have long straps or perhaps a handbag will do that for them. The size of the bag that will work best for top-heavy ladies is the slightly large one.

Plus size girls should stay away from bags that are too small; bags that are too small will only make them look bigger. They should avoid shoulder bags, but instead go for bags that are just a tad wider.

If you have that perfect hourglass figure, then any kind of bag is perfect for you. Any bag you choose would be flattering to your body. However, remember that the rules on proportion still apply even to ladies with the perfect curves. Do not get a bag that is too large or too small for your body.

Always remember that proportion is the rule for finding the perfect purse. Keep this in mind and the perfect purse will never be hard to find.

Weight Loss Tips


Get Mentally Prepared – Make sure you really want to see this all the way through no matter how hard it is or how long it takes.
Set Goals – Set goals such as a start date, how many days a week you are going to work out and what time you are going to work out. Remember to be realistic; realistic goals are easier to achieve.
Clean House and Get Educated – Get rid of any temptation foods then go grocery shopping. Read the labels and know what they mean.
Have A Support Group or Person – Even if it is just one person you can share your ups and downs with. Keeping a diary can also be helpful.
Keep Track of Your Progress – Track both inches and weight lost. Remember there is a difference between tracking your progress and obsessing; using a scale in a gym or fitness club instead of keeping one in your house is a good way to prevent obsessing.
Exercise – Even if it is walking around your house for 15 or 20 minutes at a time or walking around a store or mall. Something is better than nothing.
Success is Not Handed to You – You have to work hard and steady. There is no “Magic Pill” that you can take.
Stay Positive – Focus on the outcome no matter how long it takes. You will have your good days and bad days; just remember to not let the bad days bring you down.
Moving Through the Dreaded Plateau – Change up your routine. Shock your body again and up your exercise.
Get Rid of Your Old Clothes – As you loose weight and your clothes get too big get rid of them. If your clothes get a little tight you won’t have anything else to wear, and that’s good motivation to stay on track. Plus everyone likes buying new clothes every so often.
Reward Yourself –It’s okay to splurge every once in a while and in moderation. Pick one day and have one thing you normally would not have. But then get right back on track for the other days.