Taqwa.me – A Search Engine with a Difference – SAMIA ADNAN


While surfing the world wide web I came across Taqwa.me – a web search engine developed by Muslims. I found it very different from the other search engines.

Taqwa.me is independently owned and operated search engine that offers safe and educational search experiences in the Muslim countries and works alongside the implemented filters of these countries. Taqwa.me is a unbiased organization that believes in global citizenship. It is also contributing to the well-being of others by fund-raising for schools and education, hospitals and medical supplies, and housing development and religious institutions.

Taqwa.me provides users one of the most powerful engines to educate, search and research with explicit filters intact geared toward the Muslim market. Users are given the ability to determine whether websites or content within a site is “haram” or “halal”, and are encouraged to discuss their views and opinions in a social manner, as content cannot be dictated on the basis of what one person solely believes. It is designed to facilitate and tailor to users’ needs by developing an educational search engine for Muslims, children and concerned parents, and those simply wanting to learn more about Islam. People belonging to any faith can use this unique search engine. The good part is that besides providing images and video search as other search engines like Google and Yahoo, it also provides search results from Twitter – which is something that is missing in Google!

Another thing that I liked best about it that by using Taqwa.me for our internet search we can raise funds for charity. if you refer it to friends, they will also raise funds from their searches as you do from yours. Taqwa.me is a search engine which donates 20-percent of its revenue to given charities and schools. You use Taqwa.me exactly as you would any other search engine. The money Taqwa.me donates to your cause comes from its advertisers.

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  1. Great! writings by Samia ,She always upload new things,she point out every minor things having much importance ,which we ignore in our daily life just due to working pressure.Since I start reading her articles related to Religion,Literature, Linguistics, Ideas, Jokes and events ,it really provide me great stuff.thanks Samia for sharing.Hope I will enjoy to read your upcoming articles.

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