On Banning Facebook and Google


Recently, Interior Minister Rehman Malik has warned to
shut down Google, YouTube and Facebook and other websites, if they did not cooperate with authorities investigating crimes and incidents of terrorism.I think Mr Babar is not being at all being practical. We can never combat terrorism by senselessly banning search engines and social media and networking sites.

Terrorism can be wipe-cleaned only if they deal with the root cause – instead of uttering such childish and foolish statements, the government should be sensible enough to solve the core issues and root out their causes.

Today, I found out that the daily newspaper, Paksitan Today has reported that the Lahore High Court Justice Sh Azmat Saeed has ordered the Ministry of Telecom and Information technology to block Facebook in Pakistan for spreading religious hatred on internet.

I think they should only block blasphemous and unislamic pages, groups, profiles, events and apps on facebook, orkut, hi5 etc. instead of banning the entire social networking website.

The Government should monitor the internet and direct google Pakistan and ISP to block the objectionable, unislamic, pron. and blasphemous content, instead of banning Facebook, you-tube, Google etc. Pakistan will never be islamized and terrorism free like this, the government should eradicate corruption, injustice and illiteracy. They should control the sky-rocketing prices of basic requirements like clothing, food and land. The first step for plucking off terrorism and islamizing Paksitan is the implementation of the shariah law in the country.


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