Poetry of experience – Harleen Kaur


I have recently read about an Indian poetess in the Times of India. I was so impressed! May be you would like to read it too.. so here it goes:

Life’s hardships did not deter this lady’s determination. Rather she used her experiences to connect with writing. Harleen Kaur, resident of BRS Nagar, is the writer of a poetry book ‘Tere Tak‘ set to launch in the last week of July. Her poems are based on self-analysis of thoughts and real life experiences, she came across.

She said, ”The poems are self-expression of introspection I have done of the episodes I went through in my life.” Through the book I want to share my experiences with everyone, she added, ”I believe that when a person is entangled in odd circumstances, then its only the will power and parallel conscious that brings one out of the vicious circle of pain.”

Its the first time that Harleen has taken up to writing. After the demise of her husband she faced dejected and a difficult phase of her life. Subsequently, her pondering thoughts over the unsolved mysteries and puzzles of life compelled her to pour down her heart on paper. She has dedicated this book to her late husband.

For Harleen writing poetry is like therapy. It helps her evade loneliness and fight the world with a smile. Besides this she is also coming with another book next year. Harleen did her graduation from Khalsa College in the year 1997 and at present, besides being into writing she is engaged in interior decoration.

Despite learning important lessons of life through hardships, Harleen feels that her profession of interior decorator helps her notice and figure beauty and happiness in life. ”As and when some interesting thoughts strikes me, I pen them down immediately,” she said.

As far as sharpening writing skills is concerned, Harleen suggests, ”I personally read a lot. I believe, randomly reading anything enhances ones vision, broadens outlook and induces a flair for writing.”


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