Emel-Muslim Lifestyle Magazine


I just absolutely love this Islamic magazine Emel and Im quite impressed by this inspiring endeavor. Islamic world is always in a need of such effective measures that can depict true spirit of Islam and make the world realize that Islam truly is a modern religion with all necessary rudiments to cope up with thriving challenges of the day. You can find a wide array of subjects embellished with Islamic glamor and represented in a truly modernized Muslim framework. From Halal Food recipes to Islamic Lifestyle , from mesmerizing traveling destinations to personal reflections of modern Muslims; you’ll find everything riveting and interesting. The best thing I like about Emel is the sense of belonging as if it’s about me and my religion.

See here some of the most fascinating stuff on Emel (that has just gripped me so badly)

Gorgeous and stunning Muslim women in such striking apparels. Simply love this Islamic Fashion endeavor. Why can’t we promote our own Islamic fashion dresses?

See all these inspiring dresses on Emel Summer Strolling

A Story of a founder and chair of a pioneering charity, author, a full-time worker in social services, winner of “Women of the Future” awards and married with two young children, who was listed as one of the UK’s most powerful Muslim women. Sabina also happens to be deaf.

Truly inspiring words from Sabina Iqbal who smashed stereotypes and barriers.

A fascinating story and Art work of an inspirational Muslim artist Ahmed Moustafa, the man whose works express eternal Truths from the Qur’an. You would be really inspired by his thoughts and how he indulges in his art to depict Islamic spirit.

Read complete interview here: Sailing towards the divine

A travel review of City of Sultans-Istanbul

Read full review here: Istanbul

You can follow Emel’s exciting Blog.  Do try it out you’ll love it!


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