>Lets Voice Against Indecent TV Commercials



Now a days various TV Commercials have crossed the boundaries of decency and morality. It has become hard for a family to watch tv together. Even during news or while just changing the channels we come across ads of ladies’ personal products. I wonder whats wrong with the media and our society that no one is caring to voice against these ads. These ads are so embarrassing. I wonder how the parents and families of these young girls allow them to appear and dance around in such ads.
The society has become so shameless that they do not consider these ads as indecent. Not just the ads of always, veet, olivia but now even the ads of cellular service providers, mobile phones and variosu tea brands are getting so obscene. They are showing that flirting and dancing around is the only thing left for Pakistani ladies. Wake up!
This is a country that our forefathers sacrificed and fought for – just to follow their lives on the principles of Islam, which teaches morality, respect for women and haya (modesty).

The recent ads of Samsung, Q Mobile and other mobile phones is depicting the mobile phones as a mean of flirting and talking to the opposite gender. Tarang tea ad too had added more to indecency. Where are the values? Is this the way to market the products. The TV channels are not realizing their responsibility – they should safeguard our culture and promote our values instead of promoting vulgarity in the name of commercials.

Pakistani nation should raise their voice to make these companies find a decent way of marketing their products. If these companies do not change their marketing starategy then I guess we better boycott their products to teach them a lesson!

By SamiaAdnan send a private message


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  1. >I hate such type of TV commercials ,specially when you are sitting with your family and during News break you saw Always altra commercial,I feel shame its Pakistani channels.

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