>Mobile phones Can Increase Stress Levels



Almost everyone is having a mobile phone these days with everyone having different types of ringtones, message alerts tones, alarms and reminders sounds noising every now and then that it sometimes really get disturbing.

Regardless of time and space people are least bothered to change their mobile phone’s ringtones or notification sounds. They do not even care to at least keep their mobile phone on silent or vibration when they go to mosques, hospitals or their workplaces. A person who is concentrating on an important work is bound to get disturbed on hearing a loud tones coming from a mobile phone of the person standing nearby.

Lack of Decency: The people seems to be devoid of any mobile phone etiquettes now a days. They tend to look cool rather then trying to act responsible and decent enough to change the ringtones according to the place they are in. It seems rather absurd to hear a popular song when one is attending funerals where mourning is being observed. Gone are the days when youngsters used to keep their mobile phones on vibration when they were in the company of elders – simply out of respect and reverence. Now a days we hardly see any one using a simple beep sound. All we hear is lound music accompanying most absurd lyrics that one can even imagine.

Irritating Ringback tones: Ring-back tones – which one hears when you dial the other persons’ mobile number are also getting popular. Cellular companies are introducing different types of ringback tones day in and day out to promote their brand and gain a lot of subscribers to fill in their revenues. It ok to listen to a nice song while waiting for someone to attend the call but it really gets confusing at times when we happen to hear a dialogue of a movie and take it as if someone has attended the call.

What About Mobile Games? Not just just ringtones, ring-back tones, alarms and SMS alerts sounds disturbing – mobile games too have added to the noise, as many people play mobile games at public places with full volume just to pass their time forgetting that they might be depriving someone from the blessing known as peace of mind.

Mobile tones Can Increase Stress Levels: Most of the loud noise especially ringtones can increase stress levels. Since almost everyone is carrying around at least one mobile phone with them, and since a lot of people have got ringtones nowadays. Sometimes, one really wishes to to a no mobile phone area to relax one’s mind by treating it with the tranquility of silent or powered-off mobile phones.


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