>Is your Mobile Phone Revealing your Personality?



 When buying a latest mobile phone keep it in mind that which ever mobile brand you choose it will portray your personality.

According to a recent research mobile phones can suggest about its user’s personality. David Chalke, a social analyst, says that a person’s mobile phone can give us an insight into mobile users’ attitudes towards their “work, rest and play.” Most personality attributes differed between owners of mobile phone brands.
  • iPhone Users: “The iPhone users thinks computers give them control over their lives. They love entertaining at home, but wouldn’t be caught dead in the garden. ‘iPhone is the Alfa Romeo”. They are mostly living in the world of their own. They love plaving virtual games instead of outoor sports. They try to have an app for everything. You name it and they have a mobile application for it in their iPhone. Be it a newspaper or a game or social networking site. These are mostly rich people but not as business minded or professionals as BlackBerry users are.
  • Sony Ericsson mobile users like a full social life and are fond of fast food. They like music and enjoy it to the fullest. They are mostly found 3 in 8 people. Its Walkman series are alot common here.
  • LG mobile users are predominantly women aged 14 to 24 are unlikely to be pay TV subscribers and admit they are not very mechanically minded.
  • BlackBerry Users: Blackberry mobile users are high-earners aged 35 to 49, they are email-loving and are more likely than other mobile phone users to have entertained friends and relatives in the past three months, are regular movie goers, video gamers and newspaper readers. These are mostly professionals and want to have things organized.
  • Nokia mobile users are unlikely to be aged 14 to 24 and less likely to have played arcade video games in the past three months, “Nokia is the security blanket,” says David Chalke. Majority of Pakistanis have Nokia mobile phones. Nokia mobile phones are owned by rich and low-income earners – the only differnce is the model of their mobile phone. The rich would be holding a Nokia N8, a teenager from a middle class would be having a Nokia Xpress Music while the poor would have Nokia 3010 or similar. People who do not afford costly mobile phones would buy Nokia C1 or C2.
  • Samsung mobile users mostly have interest in arts and creativity. Samsung mobile users tend to be conservative dressers over 50. “Samsung is the Daihatsu.” Samsung devotees tend to be conservative dressers, aged over 50, who avoid air travel and don’t like taking risks. They are not that rich to buy an iPhone but ant to be a part of ‘fun club’. Samsung mobilee offers its users almost every feature that they want in a llow price as compared to iPhone and BlackBerry. Samsung mobile has everything that a teenager is fond of and that too at an affordable price. Mostly girls and ladies of the middle income household are seen with Samsung mobile phone while boys prefer Sony Ericsson or Nokia mobile.

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