>SMS Marketing – Fruitful for Some but Annoying to Many


Advertising and attaining extensive consumer reach for any corporate, could never have been made easier than the way it is today. As several SMS services and solutions providing firms send text messages to mobile phones of end-users on behalf of corporate organizations. Enabling these organizations to convey their advertising or promotional messages with ease. The next-to-nothing cost of sending these SMSes and the kind of reach that it fetches, is really surprising.
Millions of marketing text messages are sent daily in Pakistan. Which is really frustrating many of the mobile phone users in the country. This new way of promoting business is really growing rapidly internationally. Such Organizations that are selling SMS marketing softwares and services should realize that while this is a fantastic and reasonable means of communication, mobile phone users deem these frequent spam SMSes as annoying, frustrating and bothersome. Consumers who are driven quite close to craziness by the recurring text messages would repeatedly curse themselves for having filled up a lucky-contest form with their mobile numbers due to which they’d be bombarded with spam texts.
Mobile Marketing: This irritation and annoyance is transferred to the organization whose name appears on the mobile phone screen and hence leads the consumer to bar any SMSes or calls from that particular firm. This automatically lowers the organization’s brand value and results in bad marketing and advertising. Marketers can, however, get this right if through SMS marketing they can provide consumers specific and comprehensible information that not only connects to the users’ emotional values but also appeals to their financial needs. All mobile marketing, if followed duly and if create value, will not be treated as spam after all.
The SMS Services and Solutions Providing Firms:In spite of the fact that mobile marketing industry is currently enjoying rapid growth, it is only a matter of time before the mobile service providers start incurring huge deficits. These firms enjoyed larger profit margin per SMS and hence underwent high-profit period, but with SMS rates dropping shockingly, firms are expected to endure lesser amount of profits with smaller profit margins. In addition to this, there also exists an unorganized section of SMS marketing companies who eat up 60% of the share of text messages that are sent. To face competition and to survive in a low-profit generating industry should be a tough challenge for these service providers. SMS marketing is thus, fruitful to some, but annoying to many!


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