TIPS FOR TEACHERS
                               Each normal child is born genius.
1-    STORY TELLING: never order children directly to adopt good habits or refrain themselves from bad habits. Telling stories about good consequences of good deeds and bad consequences of bad deeds is advisable if you really want to help children. When children are on bed and sleepy or relaxing after a hard work story telling really work like wonders.
2-    LAUGHTER EXERCISE: It is ideal to do laughter exercise few minutes before the off time for 1minute at least or whenever teacher observes children as dull. Teacher should laugh along with the children.
3-    GOOD DEEDS CHART: Monthly chart should be made for each class where name of all the class students mentioned. Whenever any teacher observes any child performing any good action no matter as small as picking of papers from the floor she should put a star under his name on the chart. No negative marking for bad actions.
4-    NO SCOLDING, NO INSULT: Never scold badly or insult children in front of others rather make the child feel from heart the bad consequences of bad actions and misbehaviors.
5-     NUMEROUS OPPORTUNITIES FOR SUCCESSFUL EXPERIENCES: In order to create positive self image in children, opportunities given by teachers to children to perform anything of their interest and capabilities will really work like a magic. But here teacher must use her mind how to utilize each child’s energy so no one feel inferior.
6-    DIG OUT THE HIDDEN QUALITIES OF CHILDREN: Find out in which field any particular child is excelling then give him such task according to his interest and age so that he has numerous successful memories which help him to develop positive self image about himself.
7-    EXPRESS YOU’RE LOVE TO CHILDREN: Daily tells children verbally that you love them all without any condition. No matter good or bad students they are but they must be confident about your love for them.
8-    WEEKLY 2 GOOD DEEDS: Make it a weekly routine to ask children for any 2 actions they performed last week without any thought of being rewarded or praised, just for being a good human being. It’s good if they maintain a deeds diary in which they write about every action they do for others.

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