Life – Words and Thoughts!


Life is lifeless: we can take decisions on our own but we can not implement those decisions.

So it means the life we live is dead since we can not do what we want to do.

Life is not about what you want from it, it is about what life wants you to be!


Have you ever seen how speedy wind behaves with a small scratch? it flies it here and there untill wind is stopped! Human beings are scratches and fate is wind!

kabhi yeh humari wishes ko ura lay jati hay, kabhi humari pasand ko – aur bohut bitter compromises karnay pe majboor kar daiti hay.

kal aaeyn gay aur bohut say mujh say behtar kehnay walay tujh say behtar sunanay walay laiken baat yahan pe khatum nahe hoti yahan say sharoo hoti hay, aakhir fate aisa kyoun karti hay!

Aik cheez hay tu os ki function bhe tu ho ga!

tu es say pehlay keh aap direct apnay aap ko jananay ki fazool koshish karain, pehlay yeh janay keh aap keu hain..


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